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McKenna + Charissa

A friend of ours made a joke once that if the 2 of us were dropped in the middle of a field in a remote location, Charissa would be the one dancing thru the wildflowers and taking pictures of the scenery while McKenna found water, triangulated our location, and plotted a route to civilization...

And honestly it was the most accurate description we've ever had for our partnership!

Who would have thought an overthinking, planner perfectionista and a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants rebel could make magic happen?.No really. We couldn’t be more different… But this is what sets us apart from every other mentorship:

You. Get. Both.

We both have the same vision that we are FIRED UPabout, and are fueled by our mission to coach women in biz to become unmistakable on social.This transformation creates massive momentum in your biz so you can create the most powerful, positive impact and is unmatched in any program we've ever seen.

And we want to invite you to experience it too, because we want YOU to Unleash Your Impact! 

Meet McKenna

Strategy & Implementation Coach

McKenna's specialty is helping you build your step-by-step plan to find clarity and create magnetic content that leads to calls, closes, income, and impact in your biz.

Her background is in IT, so she LOVES logic and simple processes. Plus, she's a recovering perfectionist, so she understands and helps you work thru the overthinking & analysis paralysis that keeps you from taking action. 

Meet Charissa

Confidence + Mindset Coach

Charissa's zone of genius is empowering you to step into your bold, badass self who fully owns who you are, how you serve others, & the difference you want to make in the world.

She helps you overcome limiting beliefs, take messy action, & step into your truest authentic self. You'll generally find her dancing in the kitchen, taking the most aesthetically pleasing photos you've ever seen, and encouraging women to dream unapologetically big.

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